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Boys High School Lacrosse Tune Up Clinic


Grades: Rising 9th - 12th Graders (High School) 5:30-7:30pm

Location: Virginia Beach Sportsplex Regional Training Center

Three sessions: August 22nd, 23rd & 24th 

Tuition: $75 



Clinic Overview: This Intensive Skills Clinic is designed to give players an edge in Fall Ball and Fall Travel programs by improving their technique and providing lots of repetition.  The clinic is open to all players in Coastal Virginia.  Focus is on mechanics, technique and getting a ton of repetitions to improve your lacrosse game.  This will be skill development and training only - no scrimmages.  Heavy emphasis on 1v0 (form work), 1v1, 2v1, 2v2 (2-man game) & 3v2 drills.  There will be lots of balls and 6-8 goals to work from.  


Passing and Feeding: Stationary and running in multiple formats to work on accuracy, speed & timing.  Develop faster release timing.


Catching and Cutting: Develop proper mechanics, touch and “soft hands” from stationary, running and shuffles.  Improve timing, eye-hand coordination and tempo while cutting.


Shooting and Deception: Tons of repetitions shooting on the run, step down, time and room, quick stick, deception, fakes.  Improve your accuracy, release time, and shot speed.


Dodging and Defending: Work on structure and simple pattern dodges, and build up to complex dodges.  Develop your best moves from any point around the goal as you improve your stick protection, change of plane, and change of speed.  Game situations including moving up field during clears, attacking goal from up top, attacking goal from X.  Dodges covered: question mark, inside roll, rocker, fade, stair-step, alley, split, face, roll back, swim.


Defense, Goalies and LSM:  Close defense, LSM’s, middies, attack-riding) work on body position, proper checks, timing, take-away moves, proper body contact. Recovering from missed dodge or broken plays, pursuit angles. Long passes, proper stance, double teaming, stick protection, use of sideline.  Goalies will get a ton of shots from all areas around goal as well as extensive work clearing.

Ground balls:  Work on proper technique and improve stance, speed, stick protection and pick-up rate.